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Holmesterne’s progressive Development Kitchen achieves above average success rates for customer food launches

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Here at Holmesterne we have been making a significant programme of investment into our onsite Development Kitchen. This is in direct response to a growing demand from customers wishing to bring new food ideas and meals to market. The Kitchen is very much at the heart of the business and now benefits from new equipment and a dedicated team of skilled food technicians headed by Development Chef Richard West.

Richard’s culinary career spans over 30 years during which time he has headed up restaurant kitchens as well as held a variety of senior food industry posts. He took time out to tell us more about his career and how his experiences, places he’s worked in and types of food he has been involved in developing, have contributed to the very extensive knowledge he can now offer our customers.

We have published a Guide to the Development Kitchen entitled ‘Turning your food vision into commercial reality’. You can download it here.
It includes Richard’s full career story: “Diversity kept me dancing” – go to page 4 of the Download and click on the link at the base of the column.

We get dishes right first time turning a development dish into a viable commercially produced dish. Our NPD formula is a simple one - innovative thinking, quality products and speedy response time. Getting it right first time ensures we surpass our customer expectations and generate repeat business for the Kitchen.

And whilst the industry norm averages 10% we consistently achieved a 15% rate for customer development dishes launched to market in 2016.

Richard West - Diversity has kept me dancing!

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We prised Richard out of the Development Kitchen to talk about his career in catering and his life in the food industry:

“I started my journey into the food industry aged 13, washing dishes at a Cavalier Steak House in Leeds.

On leaving school at 16 I went to Catering College in Birmingham for 2 years and then out into the big wide world of Hotels and Restaurants with jobs in Somerset, Coventry and Bath before moving to the North East in ‘89.

My last job, before I moved into Food Manufacturing, was as Head Chef at Chapters, a Restaurant with Rooms, in Stokesley, North Yorkshire where I ran the kitchen for over 5 years.

Read more: Richard West - Diversity has kept me dancing!

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