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king crackle

Cracking the perfect crackling is usually easier said than done. Not anymore! New from Holmesterne Foods, King Crackle* crackling guarantees perfect pork crackling every time!

Busy chefs, food serveries and hot counters can now rely on King Crackle for tasty authentic crackling to accompany roast meals, or as a snack product.

King Crackle allows perfect crackling to be cooked in just 15 minutes*. There is no preparation time as the product is portion controlled and therefore wastage free. Simply season the pre-prepared pieces, roast as directed and savour the perfect crackling! Holmesterne uses 100% British pork rinds in the manufacture of this revolutionary crackling product and they are free from additives and any preservatives.

The most ingenious aspect of King Crackle is that it can be cut to any shape or design to complement a dish and add value at the point of sale. Stars, crescents, rectangles, strips and animals are just some of the shapes and designs that can be achieved, but chefs can use their imagination to put their own slant on their menus!

Holmesterne’s Managing Director Keith Tindell commented: “Retailers and food counters have been asking us for the perfect crackling product for some time. So the chefs in the development team at Holmesterne were invited by me to rise to the challenge. The result is not only a delicious crunchy crackling but a product that is extremely low in carbohydrates and high in protein. We are so serious about the success of King Crackle that we have applied for a patent on the process. We are also delighted to announce a 12 months exclusivity deal on distribution with Brakes”.

For more information contact Holmesterne Foods on 01748 818283 or buy King Crackle direct at Brakes Online

*Based on a fan assisted oven at 200C, cooking times may vary

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