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A simple yet highly cost-effective upgrade to an existing manufacturing line at Holmesterne Foods Brompton-on-Swale raw meat plant has resulted in significant cost savings and efficiency improvements across the business in just a few weeks.

 A Dolav Tipper, requiring a capital investment of around £3K, has been added to the mincing machine line resulting in increased production capacity of 25%. Prior to the installation raw meat was manually loaded from the Dolav onto the mincer infeed belt. The process, which used to take around 50 minutes to transfer 500 kg of product, now takes just a mere 5 minutes from raising the Dolav, to the minced product emitting at the end of the production line.

The benefits of this ingenious automation process are wide reaching with improvements demonstrated across key areas such as Quality Control, inline efficiencies, labour utilisation, yield recovery and waste management.

In an environment where transparent and clear management style engages the teams and improves work place culture and motivation, Holmesterne also places an emphasis on Health and Safety issues including employee safety. This change to the manufacturing process demonstrates a duty of care to the personnel who were previously involved in the manual aspects of this job, resulting in diminished potential physical injury and risk of RSI.

Shaun Bedford has recently been appointed as Head of Operations at Holmesterne following a short period in the role of consultant to the company. A highly experienced food manufacturing professional, Shaun brings over 25 years of knowledge and expertise across the industry to his new role. He has a proven track record of introducing automated lines to speed up production processes and output, reduce costs and increase yields.

Speaking about the introduction of the Dolav Tipper Shaun commented: “The mincing line is now working at its maximum speed as opposed to the speed of the individual operative manually feeding it. This is such a vital outcome as mincing capacity literally feeds the entire business. Now we are in a position to generate enough stock in just 3 hours to supply our lines for a full day’s production.

A secondary benefit, but no less significant, is that due to the speed we can run at we consistently maintain the temperature of the product below statutory levels at under 4 degrees C. The commissioning of a new Blast Chiller adjacent to the Hapman lines has created 100% availability of quick chill turnaround.

The payback on the modest Dolav Tipper investment has resulted in a leaner, more efficient business and a new energy we are channelling into both widening and growing our customer bases”.

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