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The business has just invested over £550,000 in new cold storage at two of our manufacturing sites in North Yorkshire, doubling our frozen and chilled capacity. This is part of our ongoing drive to expand operations and support our customers through increased efficiencies.

We have installed four portable units from Blue Cube Portable Cold Stores which have increased the blast freezing capacity to 70 pallets.

 We decided in the process to change supplier to Blue Cube as their offering meant we could add the additional pallet spaces to our blast freezing facility whilst reducing operating costs through more efficient equipment. Blue Cube’s portable blast freezers are available in 19-, 23- and 28-pallet capacities. The units can operate as blast freezers, blast chillers and tempering units and can be ground-based or elevated to a loading dock.

We are looking at further collaboration with Blue Cube to further improve capacity and process across our business.

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