Production Facilities

Holmesterne operates from two modern manufacturing factories. Investment in state of the art machinery, equipment and facilities has been planned and implemented to allow us to address a wide range of operations

We are fully equipped to extrude, tumble, mix, blend, slice and dice.

Cooking formats include steam, brat, roast and retort cook.

Our finished product range is extensive and includes ribs, sausages, stuffings, kebabs, marinated meats, roast vegetables and cooked meat products which can be supplied chilled, frozen or ambient stable in a variety of pack formats. One of our key strengths is being able to supply smaller runs of products.

Brompton on Swale: Our team of in-house butchers operates from our licensed meat cutting plant processing raw, chilled and frozen red meat and poultry. In addition we also manufacture the stuffings, meatballs and BBQ products at this site.

Leeming Bar: This cooking facility produces cooked meat products, roast and steamed vegetables either chilled, frozen, or ambient stable (retorted).

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